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Downton's search for brass

Downton Band is on the lookout for more people to come join their band!
The 144 year-old brass band is on the hunt for people of all ages who wish to learn a brass or percussion instrument or who already learn a brass instrument and invite them to join the band’s Beginners Brass and Training Band.

Downton's Musical Director Paul Williams said "Beginners Brass is open to anyone who wishes to come along and learn how to play an instrument. For just £1 a week you will get expert tuition, a weekly rehearsal, plenty of performance opportunities and the loan of an instrument to take home to practice. We want to make access to music making open to everyone so there will also be a bursary available for those who genuinely can not afford the subscriptions."

"Everyone, no matter how young or old is welcome to come along, there is no obligation and we actively encourage whole families to learn together, parents get so much more out of it and it is aunique way of sharing quality time with your child whilst learning a new skill yourself."

"We also welcome anyone who has been learning a brass instrument for a bit to come and hone your skills in our Training Band. The band is about 30 strong, we play a huge variety of music and get to perform across the area at lots of exciting events and concerts." added Paul Williams.

Both bands meet at the band's own hall on Gravel Close in the heart of Downton. Beginners Brass meets every Monday evening (6pm-7pm) with itsfirst rehearsal back after the summer break on September 11th. The Training Band meets on Wednesdays (6pm-7pm) with its first rehearsal back onthe 6th September.

If you'd like more information on either Beginners Brass or the Training Band please contact Paul Williams via email: paul@downtonband.org.uk

Downton Band
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Thank you for your interest in Downton Band!

Downton is a modest sized village on the edge of the New Forest between Salisbury and Fordingbridge, boasting a rich history of some 7000 years. In its over 140 years of history the Band has seen successes at top level in the Championship Section, and at the other end of the spectrum with near disbandment. In March we established ourselves in the second section nationally as well as performing at several key events throughout the year, including 3 days at the New Forst Show. Although Downton was traditionally a local band, it attracts players from as far affield as Portsmouth to Poole.

The Band is a non-for profit charity organisation, funded by member subscriptions, kind donations and of course the engagements performed throughout the year. If you are interested in booking the band for your function or event, please contact our secretary by visiting our ‘Contact Us’ page where we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

As an integral part of village life, here in Downton, the Band in turn serve the community through key events including Armistice Day, key church services and public concerts. You can also hear us every year at the annual Downton Cuckoo Fair in May, and of course carolling around the snowy village streets in the run up to Christmas - culminating in a tour of the village in the early hours of Christmas morning!

We have recently started a new Training Band for anyone, of any age, wanting to learn a brass (or percussion) instrument.

In addition, we are proud to have a non-performing "just for fun" band called Downton Jubilee Brass open to anyone interested

The Downton Band meets on Tuesdays at 8pm, under the baton of recently appointed resident MD Paul Williams

If you would like to know more about joining or booking either of the bands, or indeed if you would like to sponsor us or make a donation to further the future of this superb local organisation, we’d love to hear from you.

Bookings & enquiries, please contact the secretary

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