Downton Band

History of the Band

In the grand scheme of things, the Band is a relative newcomer to the village of Downton with a 7000 year history to it’s name. The precise origins of the Band are a piece of it’s 140 year history and are now a little blurred; it is possible it evolved from a village orchestra which was affiliated with Downton’s “White Horse Friendly Society Band of Music” as far back as 1873. The band still have strong affiliations with The White Horse pub today and in the name of tradition may be found securing history two or thee times each, after rehearsals within the walls of the very same.

Over the years the band has enjoyed mixed fortunes. It was placed third in the 1988 Second Section National Brass Band Championships having won the Regional contest and was promoted to the Championship Section! Now promoted to the Second Section from 2013 and on the way up once again Downton Band look to continue their legacy for years to come


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